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Spread rates are guidelines only and depend on the properties of the wall. If the wall is dense or porous you might have to apply a different primer first before you start with the Amani system. Ask your applicator to check. Make sure the product is put on at the correct thickness or it won’t look as good as it should.

Make sure the walls are clean, dry, and sound before you start. Correct any imperfections in the plasterwork. Remove unsound plaster. Ensure any waterproofing issues haves been properly addressed. Do not apply the product in very hot or cold conditions. Check the weather forecast. Ensure the product has time to cure before heavy rains, usually 24 hours. Make sure the primer has time to dry before you apply the next coat, at least 12 hours. Allow for drying time between coats.

The colours on the website are not an exact copy, please look at the actual colours before placing your order.

Amani Coatings have a life span of at least 5 years.

We hope you love your Amani walls!